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Buying a bicycle online can be a great way to find what you are looking for, without having to spend hours in a store, asking questions and deliberating between colour combinations. In Australia, thousands of bikes change hands every year and a large percentage of them are found online. But using the internet to buy a bicycle can be pretty daunting and that’s why we’ve put this guide together to help you along the way.

Tips for Buying Bikes Online

There are several things to think about before deciding whether or not you might want to buy online. These include:

It’s no secret that buying using the internet can be a good way to save money and that’s where our first tip comes in handy. If you’re keen to save cash then you might want to start by finding a good online seller that is offering the bike that you are interested in at a cheaper rate than the market value.

By using trusted trading platforms you can all but guarantee that your sale will be secured – and once you sign up to one, you’ll typically find the option to browse any listings pretty straight forward. Some platforms allow you to do so by price as well, making it even simpler for you to set a price range and then define a limit for your search.

Alternatively, you might choose to search for a specific model or a brand that you like the look of. In these cases you’ll often be presented with a variety of options from personal sellers, so being able to also modify the price brackets that you can afford will be even more beneficial. But once you have an idea about the type of bike that you want to buy, it’s not as simple as ordering it and hoping for the best – you’ll undoubtedly want to make your own checks, too.

Securing Your Purchase

A good way to do so is by contacting the seller directly. By doing so you should be able to ask them questions and get to know a bit more about the bike that you want to buy. In the best case scenario they might be able to shed some light on the overall functionality of the bike itself. If it’s a little over your budget, you might even prefer to try your luck and see if they will accept a lower offer – but you should only do this if you are entirely certain that you’d like to buy the bike.

When using bike selling websites it can be fairly simple to arrange physical viewings, or to request more photos to make your purchase even more reassuring. Fortunately, there are plenty of measures in place to protect the buyer when shopping online – and if you’re really keen to protect yourself from an unsavoury deal, then a good way to do so is by signing up to a reputable bike trading website to enjoy the protection and reassurance that they have to offer.